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Green is a Journey, Not a Destination

Green manufacturing is the renewal of production processes and the establishment of environmentally-friendly operations within the manufacturing field. Essentially, it is the “greening” of manufacturing, in which workers use fewer natural resources, reduce pollution and waste, recycle and reuse materials, and moderate emissions in their processes.

Green & Sustainable Manufacturing

Precitech Turnings Pvt. Ltd. has minimised the energy consumption and thus the carbon footprint is not just an environmental concern; it is also an exercise in reducing ongoing business costs. Through lean principles, waste is constantly eliminated from our manufacturing process. These programs help reduce our ongoing costs, such as electricity, natural gas, and disposal charges, which takes lean principles to the next level. In an effort to become more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint, Precitech Turnings has gone “green” and continues to become greener. Our program, while simple, is also very effective and is evolving. This program also meets the requirements from many of our customers with their green initiatives.

Health, Safety and Environment

A safe and clean work environment is paramount to our business. This concept is important in our success, and the success of the products we manufacture for our customers. Our emphasis on safety has allowed us to score very high marks during HSE audits by our customers. We place a high priority on safety throughout our facility by conducting weekly safety audits and walk-through. We have also developed a safety commission made up of employees in all roles in our company; this concept is based on the layer auditing system used in many quality systems. We are continuously striving to enhance our safety programs with feedback and continuing education.

Steps Taken by Precitech

Developing Innovative Products

We at Precitech are always eager to develop new products and customize solutions for our clients. Write to us about your requirements.